Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Poor Black and Latino Communities Tend to Have Poorer Schools

In a report by The Journal, nearly three-quarters of African American parents believe that the education black children receive is of lesser quality than that received by their white counterparts. In fact, nine in ten surveyed believe white communities get more money than the schools in black, Latino or Hispanic neighborhoods; a statistic that was […]

AT&T Aspire Program Providing Vital Support for Educational Organizations Serving Latino Community

In 2012, AT&T launched its Aspire program, a long-term initiative focused on increasing the high school graduation rate and bolstering career preparedness among students. This year, AT&T has allocated $12.5 million for 30 groups throughout the country dedicated to helping student thrive in the classroom and beyond. Executive Director of Philanthropy at AT&T and President […]

Latino Students Encountering Crippling Student Loan Debt

Although there has been a promising increase in the number of Latino students pursuing a higher education throughout the United States, these students are facing crippling student loan debt. The amount of debt Latino students have accrued in recent years skyrocketed and disproportionately hindered Hispanics according to recent studies conducted by the Financial Industry Regulatory […]

Latino and Black Students Underrepresented at Highly Selective Colleges

A new study by Stanford University’s Center for Education Policy Analysis found an underrepresentation of Latino and Black students at top-tier universities. According to the study, almost 58% of students enrolled in highly selective universities come from families in the top quartile of the income distribution, while only 6% come from families in the bottom. […]

Latino Students Protest Romney’s Visit to Arizona

While Republican president hopeful Mitt Romney visited the State of Arizona, a group of young Latinos protested his visit due to his stance on immigration reform and the Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act. As it stands, the legislation, which would create a path to citizenship for over two million undocumented immigrants […]

Kids with Undocumented Parents Less Likely to finish High School

              A new study from UC Irvine finds that children of legal immigrants are more likely to complete high school and spend an average of two more years in school than their peers whose parents are undocumented. According to a report in the LA Times, UCI Professor Frank Bean […]

Alabama Latino Students Continue to Miss School over Tough Immigration Law

A record number of Latino students in Alabama continue to miss classes in the wake of the state’s tough immigration law, even as school officials clamor to reassure parents they have nothing to fear. On Monday alone 2,285 Latino students missed school, according to data from the Alabama Department of Education.  U.S. District Judge Sharon […]

Report Says Massachusetts Failing Latino Students

A newly released report says the wide achievement gap between Latino students and their peers in Massachusetts is partly the state’s fault. Latino students miss an average of nearly three weeks of school a year and had a graduation rate of 60 percent in 2009 compared to 82 percent statewide said the report by UMass-Boston’s […]

Last Ditch Effort for DREAM Act

Don’t count the DREAM Act dead yet.  Supporters of the law aren’t giving up and have focused their efforts on 10 members of the Senate that could push the legislation through. The Senators make up a “most wanted” list that was released Tuesday by the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA) and includes three Democrats and […]