Saturday, June 15, 2024

Latino Students Encountering Crippling Student Loan Debt

Although there has been a promising increase in the number of Latino students pursuing a higher education throughout the United States, these students are facing crippling student loan debt. The amount of debt Latino students have accrued in recent years skyrocketed and disproportionately hindered Hispanics according to recent studies conducted by the Financial Industry Regulatory […]

Guest Blogger: Alfredo Estrada “Nuestro Futuro”

The prize for the worst acronym ever should go to STEM, which refers to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. For many Latinos, it’s what you get at the florist. But STEM is no laughing matter. Congressman Ruben Hinojosa often cites the figure that just to meet current demand, and to maintain our global competitiveness, America […]