Thursday, April 18, 2024

Clinton Trumps Trump, Rubio Among Millennials


Hillary Clinton trounces Donald Trump among the all-important 18-34 year old millennial vote in a head to head match up against the Republican front runner 60% to 21% according to a Quinnipiac University poll.

Voters aged 35-49 and 50-64 chose Trump over Clinton in the hypothetical match up 46% to 43% and 45% to 42%, respectively, with voters 65 years and older again preferring the former Secretary of State and New York senator over the billionaire businessman.

Should Clinton win the Democratic nomination and face Trump in the general election those numbers bode well for a general election victory. However, on the Democratic side, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders eclipses Clinton’s millennial support when matched against Trump, 74% to 18%.

On the GOP side, Florida Senator Marco Rubio has touted his ability to appeal to a new generation of Republicans, as someone who can attract more minorities to the party and effectively communicate Republican policies to youth voters. When asked who they would prefer, millennial respondents chose Clinton over both Senator Rubio and GOP firebrand, Texas Senator Ted Cruz highlighting that for all his campaign’s talking points about ushering in fresh blood into the Republican party, Rubio’s core support still originates in the same 65 years and over demographic that past GOP candidates have relied on.


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