Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Clinton and Sanders Focus on Latino Issues in Florida Debate


With the critical primary in Florida coming up, Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders hashed it out last night during the eighth debate of this electoral season.  The debate, held in Miami, was aired on Univision and CNN simultaneously. As Florida is home to 1.8 million Latinos, current Latino issues took the forefront during the debate.

A Guatemalan women in the audience, Lucia Quiej, told the story of her husband’s deportation and asked the candidates what their plan is to stop the separation of families. Clinton praised Lucia’s courage and stated that “It is time to bring families together. More Americans need to know what the human cost of these policies are.”

Front-runner Clinton and her opponent Sanders both spoke on their plans to not deport undocumented children or others who have not committed crimes. Both candidates also discussed their plans to prioritize immigration reform.

Candidate Donald Trump and his negative rhetoric was also a subject during the debate. Sanders spoke out on Trump’s attacks and negative comments towards multiple different minority groups. Meanwhile, Clinton called Trump “un-American” and made the comment that “You don’t make America great again by getting rid of everything that made America great.”

Almost 487,000 Democrats have cast early ballots in Florida already, which makes up about 11 percent of registered Democrats. Clinton is currently in the lead on the opinion polls for the Florida primary. With Latinos holding about 10 percent of the votes in the Democratic primaries this year, Clinton has received about two-thirds of their votes as compared to Sanders’ one-third.

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