Friday, March 1, 2024

Biden Ends Trump Ban on Pandemic Aid for Undocumented College Students

The Biden administration is reversing a Trump- era policy that banned undocumented college students from receiving federal relief grants meant to help pay expenses such as food, housing, and childcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this week, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona finalized a new regulation that allows colleges to distribute billions in federal pandemic relief […]

Mixed-Status Families Eligible for New Covid-19 Relief Package

The new Covid-19 relief package is expected to pass Congress very soon and this time households with people of mixed immigration status will be eligible. This is a significant change from the previous relief package because it excluded millions of people in mixed-status families in a pandemic in which immigrants are among the front-line workers. […]

Trump suggests states may need to make “sanctuary-city adjustments” to receive coronavirus funding

Yesterday President Trump suggested that federal assistance to states financially impacted by the coronavirus outbreak could be tied to whether so-called sanctuary cities make adjustments to their immigration policies. The comments from Trump came as both Republican and Democratic governors plead for more funding for their states, warning that budget shortfalls could lead to pay cuts […]