Friday, July 12, 2024

Guest Blogger: Janet Murguia “By Ignoring Lessons Of 2012, GOP Is Driving Latino Voters Further Away”

It was exactly a year ago that the Republican National Committee (RNC) released an assessment of its resounding defeat in the 2012 election, known as the “autopsy report.”  That soul-searching piece rightly laid the defeat of Mitt Romney at the feet of the party’s profound disconnect with anyone outside its “core constituencies,” including young people, […]

Kansas Lawmaker Apologizes for Comments after pressure from Hispanic groups but still facing Calls to Step Down

A Republican lawmaker from Kansas apologized Tuesday for saying that undocumented immigrants should be shot like feral hogs during a committee meeting on Monday. “My statements yesterday were regrettable,” Rep. Virgil Peck wrote in a statement. “Please accept my apology.” Peck came under fire for his comments from numerous Hispanic civil rights groups from all […]