Sunday, April 21, 2024

How Wendy Davis and Latinos Could Turn Texas Blue, or Not

By Victor Landa, NewsTaco The big news out of Texas, “leaked” before it was “ready,” is that Wendy Davis will run for Governor. Some background: Wendy Davis is Senator Wendy Davis, the Democrat from Fort Worth who pulled off the real filibuster on the floor of the Texas Senate some months ago, the filibuster that stalled a […]

Rick Santorum unlikely to win Latino Vote in 2012 despite solid Iowa Performance

Despite enjoying a sudden emergence and strong second-place finish in Tuesday’s Iowa Republican caucuses, experts believe Rick Santorum would be unable to secure the Latino vote in 2012. Although he has been careful to play up his Catholic, pro-family values and immigrant parents angle, his hard stance on illegal immigration is listed as the top […]

Reaction to Secure Communities Program continues to vary state to state

A controversial immigration enforcement program has been suspended in New York while Texas looks to expand it. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently suspended the Secure Communities program, which is administered by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and is designed to target serious criminals for deportation.  The program allows local law enforcement officials to compare the […]