Friday, April 12, 2024

Guest Blogger Series: Mario Solis-Marich “Suppression of the Empire- Robert Deposada’s Adventure”

As featured in My Latino News: Robert Deposada has sold out his community. Deposada, a GOP operative from the failed Bush Presidency, crossed a critical line this week by developing and placing ads urging Latino voters to stay home and not vote during this important election cycle. The ads are not only despicable in purpose […]

Conservative Latino Group Tells Latino Voters to Stay Home on Election Day

A new conservative Latino group is trying to silence voters in the upcoming mid-term elections by telling Latinos not to vote. The Virginia-based organization, Latinos for Reform, is responsible for a Spanish –language ad currently running in Nevada whose message is, “Don’t vote.  Yes, you heard right, don’t vote.” Attacking President Obama and Democrats over […]