Saturday, May 18, 2024

President Obama Thanks Dominican Republic for Help in Haiti Recovery

It’s been six months since the devastating earthquake struck Haiti killing hundreds of thousands of people and leveling the capital city of Port-Au-Prince.

In recognition of the country’s efforts to help their neighbor, President Obama hosted the president of the Dominican Republic in Washington yesterday.

During their meeting in the Oval Office, President Obama praised the response of the Dominican Republic and thanked President Leonel Fernandez for “helping to facilitate a rapid response” that
“was extraordinarily important.”

President Obama also said, “It saved lives. And it continues as we look at how we can reconstruct and rebuild in Haiti in a way that is good, not only for the people of Haiti but also good for the region as a whole.”

Among other things discussed at the meeting were Honduras, drug trafficking, and trade and energy.  Former Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya, has been in exile in the Dominican Republic since he was forcibly ousted from office last year.  The two chief executives discussed ways to make sure Honduras becomes “fully integrated” in the hemispherical institutions “in respectful ways with democracy.”  Concerning the drug trade, both Presidents agreed to better coordinate efforts in order to restrict the flow of narcotics.

“The main message I have to the people of the Dominican Republic,” Obama said, “is thank you for your friendship.”
USA Today


  1. There is still a long road ahead for Haiti to recuperate but at least there’s work being done and people have not forgotten about the island!