Saturday, July 20, 2024

106-year-old woman from Mexico becomes US citizen in Chicago

106-year-old Ignacia Moya has always dreamed of voting in a U.S. election. Yesterday, she took one giant step closer to achieving her dream as she took the oath of citizenship in Chicago. This has makes her one of the oldest people ever to become a U.S. citizen.

Moya immigrated from Mexico in the 1960’s and had previously applied for citizenship in the 1980’s but did not pass the exams because of her limited English. She also suffers from failing eyesight and hearing, which immigration officials say made it difficult for her to learn English. For this reason, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services granted her a waiver for the test.

Her daughter, son, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren surrounded Moya as she accepted the rights and responsibilities that come with citizenship.  She also got an application to register to vote.
“She did want to become a citizen. She did talk about that. And now she is,” said George Bojorquez, Moya’s great grandson.

Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL),who helped the family secure the waiver, presented Moya with a flag that has flown over the Capitol dome.

In order to obtain her citizenship, Moya had to pass a criminal background check.  She is now the oldest naturalized citizen of the United States.

Chicago Tribune



  1. What a great story…..almost brought tears to my eyes. My grandparents passed away wtihout ever becoming citizens yet always wanted to have the chance to vote.

  2. Okay why should there be exemptions? I admire her sure but she should learn English like all the rest.

  3. Leonor- My grandparents never learned English and were hard-working tax payers all their lives. Sometimes when you are older it is harder to learn a new language. They voted too. Do you not agree with that? Are you in favor of an english-only policy? Last time I checked this country was a melting pot and made up of immigrants.

  4. Wow. this is an amazing story! I hope she puts her vote to good use!

  5. sicntire says

    good for her at least she is now legal….It is never too late Congradulations and welcome to our world…

  6. You see I feel it’s a pretty good story here but I can say I agree partiallty with Leonor. Others don’t have the same chance as this lady did and I still think one should be able to learn the language and not only speak homeland language in ghettos. Yes this is a free country and being illegal (I’m not saying she is) is not acceptable no matter how hard you work and pay taxes, you’re still illegal