Thursday, July 18, 2024

Univision’s Jorge Ramos Says Republicans Have “Perfect Formula” to lose Hispanic Vote

In a blog Tuesday Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, a leading voice in the Hispanic community, said Republicans have concocted the “perfect formula” for losing the Hispanic vote for generations to come.  Ramos also warns Hispanics will not forget those lawmakers who have attacked them.

“If Republicans want to lose election after election, for generations to come, all they have to do is continue their opposition to immigration reform, propose more laws like SB 1070 in Arizona, and insist on changing the Constitution to take away U.S. citizenship to children of undocumented immigrants,“ Ramos said.

Many GOP candidates have taken a hard stance on the key issue for Latinos this election year, comprehensive immigration reform, in order to drum up support as mid-term elections approach.

“Maybe some Republicans believe that fueling the anti-immigrant sentiment will have positive results for them in the November elections.  Perhaps it will.  But in the long run, turning against the fastest growing group in the United States is political suicide,” Ramos said.

The veteran news anchor criticizes Sen. John McCain for withdrawing his past support for comprehensive immigration reform.

“What happened to Senator John McCain, who told me in a 2008 interview that he supported a ‘pathway to citizenship’ for undocumented immigrants, who he himself called ‘children of God?’ Today McCain would not vote for a pathway to citizenship,” Ramos said.

The Arizona senator has cited among the reasons for his change in stance increases in violence in his state, but Ramos says the facts contradict McCain’s claims.

“The truth is that crime has decreased in Arizona. Violent crimes have gone down by 15 percent, according to MSNBC and the Arizona Public Health Department.  And robberies in private properties have decreased by 17 percent,” Ramos said.

The immigration issue has been hijacked by extremist ideas writes Ramos.

“But Hispanic voters have an elephant’s memory.  And they will not forget for years to come those who have attacked them in their most vulnerable moments.  They have been warned,” Ramos said.

Jorge Ramos