Friday, May 24, 2024

Mississippi Legislators and Tea Partiers to Gather for Immigration Forum

The Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (MFIRE), along with several state legislators and the Mississippi Tea Party will hold an event on Thursday at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg to discuss immigration reform.

The local Tea Party organization, known as the 912 Project Hattiesburg, is hosting the event which is open to the public.  Guest speakers will be state Senators Chris McDaniel and Joey Fillingane, and Rep. Becky Currie.  All three have plans to introduce Arizona-like legislation in their respective chambers this upcoming session.  Russ Latino, a Jackson attorney, and Beau Johnson, a former Arizona resident, will also be guest speakers.

“We did a report in 2006 when I was state auditor to show the cost of illegal immigration is $25 million a year,” Lt. Governor Phil Bryant said at a previous MFIRE Immigration Forum held August 2.  “With the struggle that we’re having with our budget situation right now, it’s important to know there is a cost for those that come here illegally.”

On its website MFIRE states it supports Arizona’s anti-immigration law and discontent with Washington for “dropping the ball” on border security.

“We support the rule of law and take the position that all immigration laws must be strictly enforced, including the prohibition against hiring illegal aliens,” the group says on its website.

The group says it was formed in 2005 with the objective of educating citizens of Mississippi and elected representatives to what they claim are the detrimental effects of illegal immigration on the state and nation.

“We can’t continue to allow the Mexican drug lords, human traffickers and terrorists organizations to enter our country at will or for illegal aliens to continue to take jobs badly needed in our state and across the nation,” Dr. Rodney Hunt, President of MFIRE, said.

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  1. I’m losing track already…one can only hope that after November the xenophobs will quit with their scare tactics…one can only hope…