Thursday, April 25, 2024

Kris Kobach Says he Will Continue Anti-immigration Legal Work

The author of Arizona’s anti-immigration law, which has been copied by numerous states across the country, says he will continue to push his anti-immigrant agenda, as he accused immigrants in Kansas of voter fraud.

As previously reported by La Plaza, Kobach, a Republican candidate for secretary of state in Kansas, is a constitutional law professor that has attracted national attention by helping to write Arizona’s SB 1070 and advising other cities and states around the country on similar measures.

“Kobach has caught the wave of the immigration debate,” Chris Biggs, the Democratic secretary of state in Kansas and Kobach’s opponent, said. “It matters little whether his claims about voter fraud are true. Connect anything to illegal immigration in this climate; it’s going to have traction.”

Kobach has said that potentially thousands of undocumented immigrants are voting in Kansas.  In order to safeguard Kansas elections, Kobach is arguing for new voting rules and aggressive investigations of voting irregularities.

“Voter fraud has become a very significant reality in our state,” Kobach said. “Every time someone’s vote is canceled out by a vote that is cast fraudulently, that’s a civil rights violation.”

Biggs criticized Kobachs’ meddling in other states recently and his ability to focus on the office he’s running for.

“(Kobach’s) heart is somewhere else. He’s been in Nebraska. He’s been in Arizona. He’s been in California,” Biggs said. “Do we really want our secretary of state traveling around the country? I’m not going to be going around the country dealing with … my pet issues.”

Kobach countered that he only plans to continue his anti-immigration legal work in his spare time.

Kansas City