Sunday, July 21, 2024

GOP in Colorado Holds Anti-immigration Summit

Republican lawmakers are holding an anti-immigration summit today at the Colorado state capitol in anticipation of the introduction of an Arizona-style immigration law in the state legislature next year.

The summit is open to the public and will feature law-enforcement officers and elected officials as speakers.  The aim is to discuss “different approaches to dealing with illegal immigration.”

State Rep. Randy Baumgardner says he is concerned with the “cost of illegal immigration to Colorado and the problems that illegal immigrants pose to national security.”  Republican Sen.-elect Kent Lambert says he will introduce the legislation in the Senate.

The proposed law would face an uphill battle in Colorado since Democrats control the Senate and Gov.-elect John Hickenlooper voiced his opposition to such legislation on the campaign trail.

Denver Post


  1. I thought a lot of this was just election stuff to draw conservative voters but obviously the elections are over and this is still going on…this is why we can’t give up and keep the fight up against those who wish to keep our community down.

  2. Typical misrepresentation of the facts. This was not a “anti-immigrant” summit. The goal is to find a way to reduce the flow of illegal aliens into Colorado and stop the incredibly expensive burden it puts on taxpayers. Everyone that spoke at the summit emphasized that immigration is a necessary component of our society as long as it’s done the right way.
    Education, health-care, wage depression and law enforcement expense are very real problems and trying to make a case for continuing the madness while we head towards California style bankruptcy is head-in-the-sand foolish.
    Latinos should be the first to recognize the entire community is hurt supporting law breakers.