Wednesday, April 17, 2024

New Program Club Digital looks to close Digital Divide among Latino Families

The launch of a new bilingual program this week, Club Digital, marks an unprecedented effort to close the digital divide affecting Latino families in the U.S.

Club Digital is the nation’s most comprehensive bilingual, multimedia Internet training program that will reach nearly 3 million Latinos in California during its summer pilot program launched on August 1, 2011.  The program is the creation of impreMedia, the nation’s leading Hispanic news and information company.

“Going online is a fast and easy way to find benefits that not only save money, but also transform lives,” said Monica Lozano, Publisher and Chief Executive Officer, impreMedia. “It’s all there for the taking, whether we are talking about job listings, scholarships for college students, educational opportunities, medical resources or government services.”

Participants can access Club Digital’s free bilingual website  that offers training lessons covering basic Internet skills, Internet safety, online employment, education and health care opportunities.

Supporters of the program, including Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, are praising the program for its effort to close the digital divide.

“Without access to the Internet and basic computer skills, millions of Californians remain at a competitive disadvantage in the job market,” said Villaraigosa. “I am proud to support a program that empowers the people who remain on the wrong side of the Digital Divide by giving them the tools they need to take the first step into the digital age.”

The California pilot program will run for the next 30 days in select impreMedia publications, including La Opinión, La Opinión Contigo and El Mensajero, and a network of community-based partnerships.  It is the first step in a nationwide campaign that will expand nationally in January 2012 and reach more than 9.4 million Latinos across several major U.S. cities.

Please visit Club Digital to become a part of this important program to close the digital divide in the Latino community.


  1. The more Latinos are online, the better. As a community we need to be connected on the internet as well if we are to advance our position in American society. The last couple of jobs I’ve had, including part-time gig in college and my current professional one, I found and applied to online.