Friday, May 24, 2024

Obama Widens Lead Among Latino Voters

During the summer, Republicans expressed optimism that Mitt Romney would be able to rake up more support among Latino voters before the elections. But the latest impreMedia-Latino Decisions tracking poll shows the Republican presidential candidate hasn’t improved his favorability among Latinos. The poll released Monday shows President Barack Obama has the support of 73 percent of Latino registered voters while 21 percent of them say they […]

Maria Cardona on NPR’s Michael Eric Dyson Show

Listen to Maria Cardona on NPR’s Michael Eric Dyson Show as she discusses the importance of Latina mothers in the upcoming 2012 presidential elections and the results of the Decision poll.

Poll Shows Florida Latina Moms Support President Obama, not Compelled by GOP

The results of a flash poll released this week by, impreMedia, and Latino Decisions, that reveals the issues most important to the country’s fastest growing demographic, shows that President Obama enjoys considerable support from Florida Latina Moms, who also find the GOP “less than compelling.” Conducted in partnership with Latino Decisions, a Washington DC […]

GOP Seen as ‘Hostile’ by Latino Voters

A new survey found that an overwhelming majority of Latino voters believe the Republican Party is ‘hostile’ toward them and is alienating them. The impreMedia/Latino Decisions survey also found that not even a potential nomination of Latino Sen. Marco Rubio as vice president could do much to change their sentiments. Another key finding of the […]

New Program Club Digital looks to close Digital Divide among Latino Families

The launch of a new bilingual program this week, Club Digital, marks an unprecedented effort to close the digital divide affecting Latino families in the U.S. Club Digital is the nation’s most comprehensive bilingual, multimedia Internet training program that will reach nearly 3 million Latinos in California during its summer pilot program launched on August […]

Immigration More Important to Latinos than the Economy

According to a national poll released on Monday, the issue of immigration has surpassed that of the economy and jobs as the top concern for Latinos. The poll, conducted by Latino Decisions, an independent research firm and Impremedia, a Spanish language media company, surveyed voters between May 24 and June 4 in 21 states with […]