Sunday, May 19, 2024

Poll Shows Florida Latina Moms Support President Obama, not Compelled by GOP

The results of a flash poll released this week by, impreMedia, and Latino Decisions, that reveals the issues most important to the country’s fastest growing demographic, shows that President Obama enjoys considerable support from Florida Latina Moms, who also find the GOP “less than compelling.”

Conducted in partnership with Latino Decisions, a Washington DC based research firm, and impreMedia, the poll results provide a unique window into the minds of these influential Latina decision-makers, and key swing vote in states like Florida, Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada.

“With elections being decided by a just a few dozen votes in some cases, now more than ever, emerging voter segments like these can have a major impact in tight races,” says new Mamiverse contributing editor and Latinovations founder Maria Cardona. “Capturing the hearts and votes of Latina moms is an effective strategy to better understand, and win over, the Latino Vote at-large.”

According to 2010 US Census figures, Latina moms were responsible for 55% of overall US population growth in the last decade, with Latinos accounting for one out of every four babies born in the US.

“The new face of America’s mom is distinctly Latina,” said Mamiverse Founder and CEO Rene Alegria. “From our political process to the media, the Latina moms’ vision for America must be taken into consideration. They hold the key to the success of this nation’s next generation.”

Here’s a look at the results of the Poll:

Florida Primary Poll Results:

Among all respondents, 76% reported that “None of these are acceptable” when asked their preference among the four remaining GOP competitors. Among those expressing a preference, 12% preferred former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, 5% former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, with 4% for Ron Paul and 3% for Rick Santorum.

Potential Primary Voters

When question was narrowed to those respondents self-identifying as Republicans, enthusiasm for the candidates is higher. 36% support Romney, 10% Gingrich, 3% Paul, and 8% Santorum.

Still, 41% of self-identified Republicans said “none of these are acceptable.”

Among Independents, 73% said none were acceptable.

General Election Outlook

President Obama enjoys considerable support from the Latina mothers of Florida. In a hypothetical matchup against Governor Romney, President Obama leads 57%-28%, with 14% undecided.

In a hypothetic matchup against Speaker Gingrich, President Obama’s lead is even greater: He leads Gingrich 59%-26%, with 15% undecided.

Issues of Concern

When Latina moms were asked about which issue facing the Latino community they felt was the most important for the President and Congress to address, there was widespread agreement. All respondents offered up to two issues:

49% of all respondents identified the economy and jobs,
32% said immigration and the Dream Act,
24% identified education and schools.:

Immigration and Dream Act

Latina moms were also asked about the Dream Act, the long-standing proposal to adjust the immigration status of undocumented young people who serve in the military or attend college. Specifically, the poll asked whether an unnamed candidate’s pledge to pass the Dream Act would make them more likely to support that candidate, less likely, or have no effect.

Overwhelmingly, support for the Dream Act will be rewarded by Latina moms, 71% of whom reported being more likely to support such a candidate, compared with only 7% reporting being less likely, and 16% saying that it would not affect their vote.

Health Care Reform

The poll also asked Florida’s Latina moms about their thoughts on health care reform, specifically whether government should ensure access, or whether people should be left to secure this on their own.

Latina moms overwhelmingly favor government intervention with 62% agreeing that government should ensure access, and only 27% of respondent want people left to fend for themselves for healthcare.


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Latino Decisions provides political decision makers with independent data to facilitate critical decisions. The survey instrument was created by Dr. Matt Barreto, Dr. Gary Segura and Dr. Gabriel Sanchez, and translated into Spanish. Past clients include Univision, ImpreMedia, ABC, NALEO, and National Council of La Raza, among many others.