Wednesday, June 12, 2024

GOP Seen as ‘Hostile’ by Latino Voters

A new survey found that an overwhelming majority of Latino voters believe the Republican Party is ‘hostile’ toward them and is alienating them. The impreMedia/Latino Decisions survey also found that not even a potential nomination of Latino Sen. Marco Rubio as vice president could do much to change their sentiments. Another key finding of the […]

Guest Blogger Series: Matt Barreto “Where Latino Votes Will Matter in 2012”

With the recent release of the national Census data pundits have been quick to point out the obvious: the Latino population is growing! As if data points from the annual Current Population Survey, and now American Community Survey did not already tell us this on a yearly basis, the official 2010 decennial census now confirms […]

Obama’s Approval Rating among Latinos Up but 2012 Vote Uncertain

A new poll by Latino Decisions shows that President Barack Obama’s numbers are up among Latino voters from the middle of last year, but even so, less than half said they would cast their vote for Democrats or Obama in 2012. Latino voters gave Obama a 70% approval rating but only 43% said they are […]

Latino Battleground States Crucial for Electoral College Votes in 2012

The states of Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and Florida went to President Barack Obama in 2008, and now with an added count of electoral votes as a result of reapportionment, these Latino battleground states stand to play a major role in whether the president will be re-elected in 2012, according to an analysis by Latino […]

Guest Blogger Series: Matt Barreto “Senators Who Opposed DREAM Act May Face Latino Roadblocks in 2012”

Yesterday the U.S. Senate failed to invoke cloture on the DREAM Act (HR 5281), ending the chance for any legislative accomplishments on the issue of immigration. While much of the last two years was spent addressing the issues of health care reform, and the economy, to Latino voters a third issue loomed as being equally […]

Latino Voter Enthusiasm Growing as Election Day Nears

According to a new poll released Monday, anti-immigrant rhetoric is emerging the Latino vote days before the midterm elections. The results of a tracking poll by Latino Decisions show that Latinos now are responding with more enthusiasm than they were in early September.  Over half of Latino voters, 61%, said they are “very enthusiastic” about […]