Saturday, May 27, 2023

Guest Blogger Series: Kristian Ramos “Siri Says: A Wireless Traffic Jam Is Just Ahead”

Little known fact, in 2011 Hispanic auto buyers accounted for roughly 24% of the growth in new-vehicle sales. An even less known fact Hispanic’s are leading the smart phone revolution, Sixty percent of Hispanic households own at least one Internet enabled smart phone compared with 43 percent of general households.  In a case of synergistic […]

Guest Blogger: Jason Llorenz “Hispanics, Broadband and the Digital Textbook Revolution”

Today, one in three entrants to the U.S. workforce is Hispanic, and by 2025 Hispanics will be one of every two new American workers. And so, the future of America’s workforce will be increasingly Hispanic. But without significant change in college attainment rates, the United States will face a shortage of 23 million college-educated adults […]

Guest Blogger Series: Kristian Ramos “Could A Looming Spectrum Crunch Hurt Hispanic Mobile Media Usage?”

Hispanics are interacting with mobile media more then ever, but a looming “spectrum,” crunch — the exhaustion of radio waves necessary to provide voice, text and internet services to mobile phones and tablets — may derail the gains that this community has recently made. A new report from NDN highlights how society as a whole, […]

Guest Blogger Series: Jorge Bauermeister “Telecom, Wireless, and Broadband Offer Untapped Economic Potential for the U.S. and Latinos”

The economy of the United States has been at a standstill since 2008.  Job creation has stagnated, and economic performance has businesses worried.  Despite these negatives, the potential for the American economy and workforce remains promising.  Through the power of technology, the economy can recover with positive job creation and strong business growth. In 2010, […]

Broadband Essential for Latino Communities

Access to broadband technology is essential to the success of businesses in Latino communities said federal agency representatives at the National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders summit in San Antonio. “Not having broadband once was considered a nuisance. But now, broadband is essential to opportunity and participation,” Tom Reed, FCC communications and business opportunities […]