Saturday, May 25, 2024

Cruz and Kasich’s Departures Leave Many GOP Latinos at a Loss

Donald Trump’s win for Republican nomination in Indiana has left some GOP Latinos feeling lost with nowhere to turn while others are still just simply trying to absorb the idea of the Trump candidacy. With Cruz and Kasich no longer in the race, Republican Latinos are grappling over who they’ll vote for. Houston businessman and GOP stalwart […]

Indiana’s Immigration Law Tests Constitution, Foreign Agreements

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels signed the Compromise Illegal Immigration Reform bill, SB 590 into law on May 10, 2011. Then, the ACLU and the National Immigration Law Center filed a lawsuit to challenge the law they believed was unconstitutional and provided a basis for discrimination. On June 24 of last year, U.S. District Judge Sarah Evans […]

Guest Blogger Series: Hector E. Sanchez “Warning: If They Take Wisconsin They Might Go After Our Weekends Too”

Workers all over the country are rising up by the thousands to defend the basic American right to collectively bargain. We can fight the anti-union ambush in the states with worker solidarity among Latinos and all workers, but first we need to understand why we are fighting and what is at stake. What is happening […]

Republican-controlled Senate in Indiana Passes AZ-style Law

An immigration law similar to Arizona’s that would force local police to question a person’s legal status in the country was passed by the majority Republican Senate in Indiana on Tuesday evening. Five Republicans joined their Democratic colleagues and voted against Senate Bill 590, which passed by a 31 to 18 vote y.  The bill […]