Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Los Angeles Takes A Big Step Towards Alleviating Income Inequality

This week the Los Angeles City Council voted 14 to 1 to raise the city’s minimum wage from $9 per hour to $15 by the year 2020, making it the largest city in the county to enact such a dramatic wage increase aimed at boosting pay for workers at the low end of the economic […]

Latinos to Benefit from President Obama’s New Rules for Home Healthcare Workers

Latino home health care workers could soon see fair wages as a result of new rules recently announced by President Obama requiring a minimum wage and overtime pay for workers in this industry. Latinos make up an estimated 12% of the nearly 2 million home health care workers who stand to benefit from these new […]

Guest Blogger Series: Hector E. Sanchez “Warning: If They Take Wisconsin They Might Go After Our Weekends Too”

Workers all over the country are rising up by the thousands to defend the basic American right to collectively bargain. We can fight the anti-union ambush in the states with worker solidarity among Latinos and all workers, but first we need to understand why we are fighting and what is at stake. What is happening […]