Friday, April 12, 2024

May Day Protesters Marched In Support of Immigration Reform

Thousands of the people gathered across the country on Wednesday urging Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform during a rally celebrating International Workers Day. “We’re here to demand political change and fair immigration reform,” said Gabriel Zamora, a janitor and undocumented immigrant who crossed the border from Tijuana eight years ago. Protestors gathered in major […]

May Day Rallies Around Fair Labor Laws Expanded to Include Immigration Reform

In honor of the International Worker’s Day, known commonly as May Day, the ‘Occupy’ movement is calling for a nationwide strike called ‘A Day without the 99 Percent’, to bring the fight for immigration reform into fold. Rallies and demonstrations have been organized across the country in order to protest for better working conditions, fair […]

GUEST BLOGGER SERIES: Hector E. Sanchez “May Day and The Dangerous Reality for Latino Workers”

This Saturday, workers of all colors and heritage must unite, not just to honor the history of the labor movement itself, but to continue the much-needed fight that started decades ago. May First is International Workers Day, the commemoration of the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago in 1886, when local police fired on and killed several […]