Wednesday, February 21, 2024

2.7 Million U.S. Facebook Users speak Spanish

There are about 2.7 million Facebook users in the U.S. who have listed Spanish as one of their languages, this according to the company’s own add tool. About a year ago, Inside Facebook reported that there were 1.6 million U.S. users who used Facebook in Spanish. All told, Facebook’s ad tool shows there are about […]

Guest Blogger Series: Jameelah Xochitl Medina “Coming Full Circle: The Growth of Islam among Latino/as”

Re-visiting the Past: Ancestral Memory of Islam Although many US Americans of all ethnicities are embracing Islam, I often wonder if ancestral memory plays a role in the number of Latino/as embracing the faith of Islam. Latino/as may be first or even 3rd and 4th generation in US America, and many more of are indigenous […]

New Technology Inspired Magazine Caters to Latinos

A publisher in Philadelphia has launched a new magazine called Tek Lado, translated as “tech side,” geared towards Latino techies. Bartash Media Group is responsible for the new venture and has been in operation for 58 years, printing hundreds of catalogs, magazines, newspapers and niche publications for hundreds of companies from Maine to Alabama “I […]

Gingrich Leads Conservative Outreach to Latino Voters

On the heels of the Republican sweep of the recent mid-term Congressional elections, the former head of House GOP members, Newt Gingrich, is trying to make inroads with one group of voters that rejected the conservative message – Hispanics. Last week, Gingrich’s newest venture,, a bilingual political blog, hosted its first annual conference in […]