Wednesday, October 21, 2020

President Obama Removes Cuba From Terror List

President Barack Obama has signaled his administration’s intent to remove Cuba from the State Department’s list of State Sponsors of Terrorism in a letter to Congress, taking another step towards normalizing relations with the island nation only 90 miles south of the United States. Speaking at a press conference regarding his face to face discussion […]

As Summit kicks off, prospect of Obama-Castro meeting draws hype, skepticism

Just one day after Secretary of State John Kerry and Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez held the highest-level meeting between the two nations in more than 50 years, the Summit of the Americas, kicking off today in Panama, will play host to a hugely hyped, potential encounter between Presidents Obama and Raúl Castro of Cuba. […]

NCLR President Janet Murguía to GOP: our complaint is ‘personal’

The National Council of La Raza’s annual awards gala last night served a significant platform for expressing the organization’s ire toward the Republican Party. NCLR’s president, Janet Murguía, who once stamped President Obama as “deporter-in-chief,” redirected her outrage to the GOP, lambasting the party for a perceived “growing malignancy” toward immigration, their inaction toward true […]

In Miami town hall, Obama defends immigration policies, puts pressure on GOP

President Obama on Wednesday criticized Republicans for “trying to hold hostage” the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding in a political fight to block his executive actions on immigration, and further challenged GOP lawmakers to pass a bill declaring said executive actions illegal, just so that he could veto it. With DHS funding set to […]

Obama heads to Miami to pressure GOP on immigration in exclusive Town Hall

In what has become a week of tough stances and staunch rhetoric, President Obama is following up his Monday proposal for stricter rules for financial brokers on Wall Street and his Tuesday veto of the Keystone XL Pipeline with an exclusive town hall meeting in Miami, sponsored by Telemundo, to enlist his strong Latino base […]

Immigration Executive Actions halted: Obama, Latino groups react

The Obama Administration on Tuesday was forced to postpone the implementation of the President’s Executive Action that would have allowed hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants to begin applying for work permits and legal protection. Just one day before they were set to go into effect, Andrew Hanen, Federal Judge for the Southern District of […]

Comentarios From Maria: Listen Up GOP-Climate Change is a priority for Latinos

A few weeks ago, we heard the president’s State of the Union Address where he stated that there is no greater challenge or threat facing future generations than climate change. Without question, this message resonated deeply with the Latino community because conservation and respect for the environment are fundamental parts of our histories and cultures. […]

House GOP moves closer to lawsuit for executive action on immigration

In a closed-door meeting with Congressional lawmakers Tuesday, House Speaker John Boehner announced that his party is moving closer to a vote to authorize legal action against President Obama over his executive actions on immigration. While a course of action is yet to be finalized, the authorization language would allow the House to take steps […]

Comentarios from Maria: The State of the Union is Strong

In his annual State of the Union address, President Obama was bold and inspiring, assuring us that the state of the Union is strong. The President challenged the Republican Party, but was conciliatory and hopeful in tone. The speech really should have been called “The Audacity of Progress.” With a new pep in his step […]

First Lady invites DREAMer as guest to State of the Union

Last night’s State of the Union address featured a narrative centered on tax reform, trade, national security, climate change and, of course, immigration reform. To drive home President Obama’s many talking points, the First Lady invited Ana Zamora, a Texas college student and DREAMer, to join her as a guest for the event. “My parents […]