Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Anti-Immigrant Bill by Florida Republican May Exempt White Europeans

A clause in the draft of an anti-immigrant bill by Republican state Rep. William Snyder in Florida essentially tells police to drop their “reasonable suspicions” of anyone they stop who is from any of the countries exempted under the bill, mostly European nations with a majority of white people. The law specifically says that a […]

Poll Shows More than Half of Texans Support Arizona-like Law

A new poll for the state’s five largest newspapers shows that over half the voters in Texas support an Arizona-like law with the issue deeply dividing them along racial and party lines. A total of 53 percent of respondents said they would support such a law, but that number is down from previous polls on […]

Seattle Police Beating of Hispanic Caught on Tape

The Seattle Police Department is coming under fire from the community over a video released on Friday that shows police beating a Latino suspect. The video, which was shot by a freelance videographer, captures an incident last month when a police officer is seeing kicking a Hispanic man who is on the ground and yelling […]