Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Supreme Court delivers another blow to the Trump Administration with Gorsuch’s help

The Supreme Court on Tuesday invalidated a provision of federal law that requires the mandatory deportation of immigrants who have been convicted of some “crimes of violence,” holding that the law is unconstitutionally vague. Justice Neil Gorsuch joined with the more liberal justices for the first time since joining the court to produce a 5-4 […]

U.S. Supreme Court rules Arizona can’t bar DREAMers from getting licenses

Arizona’s DREAMers will keep their licenses to drive — at least as long as the DACA exists. Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the last-ditch plea by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to uphold a 2012 executive order by then-Gov. Jan Brewer to deny driver’s licenses to DACA recipients, an order current Gov. Doug Ducey […]

Supreme Court delivers a blow to the Trump administration on DACA

The Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear the Trump administration’s challenge to a lower court ruling temporarily blocking it from ending the DACA program. The court’s decision delivers a blow to the administration, which argues that DACA is unconstitutional. It also could ease some pressure on Congress to quickly come up with a legislative […]

What is next for DREAMers and DACA?

Both “DREAMers” and their employers are worried about how the wind-down of DACA will affect them, as a Trump administration deadline to find a deal on the young immigrant’s fate approaches. The Senate failed to pass a replacement to the program last week, leaving Congress with few legislative options before the March 5 deadline. However, recipients of the program, who were brought to the […]

Supreme Court to decide today whether it will review DACA

The Supreme Court will meet behind closed doors today to decide whether to take up a lower court opinion that temporarily blocked President Trump’s effort to end DACA. Last month the Justice Department decided to take the rare step of asking the Supreme Court to review the ruling by federal District Judge William Alsup of […]