Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Utah Group Circulates Confidential Information on List of 1,300 Claimed to Be Undocumented

Media outlets and law enforcement in the state of Utah have received a list of 1,300 names of residents which an anonymous group claims are undocumented immigrants.  The list which is almost exclusively comprised of Hispanic names contains very detailed information including social security numbers, addresses, names of children and due dates for expectant mothers.

Utah’s governor, Republican Gary Herbert, has called for an investigation into the source of this information.  The state’s Department of Workforce Services is already looking into possible leaks of data since theirs in one of the departments that would have such detailed information.

Many in the Latino community feel threatened by this anonymous action. “My phone has been ringing nonstop since this morning with people finding out they’re on the list,” said Tony Yapias, former director of the Utah Office of Hispanic Affairs. “They’re feeling terrorized. They’re very scared.”

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in Salt Lake City confirms that it, too, received the list but won’t go into details as to whether it plans to investigate any of the names listed.

The most recent letter sent references an earlier list that was sent to ICE where the unnamed group claims it “observes these individuals in our neighborhoods, driving on our streets, working in our stores, attending our schools and entering our public welfare buildings.”

LA Times


  1. This is such an invasion of privacy. Those people have no right! Leave immigrants alone already, they just come here for work!

  2. I think this is an invasion of privacy, But how can they be left alone not all mexican immigrants can be trusted, just like not all African immmigrants and Iraq immigrants and so on and so forth…