Monday, June 17, 2024

Utah’s Republican Governor Defends Guest Worker Program

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert (R) defended the guest worker program that he signed into law earlier this year after the state’s legislature passed it as part of an overall immigration package against GOP critics. “Being reasonable and being conservative are not mutually exclusive,” Herbert said in a statement in response to criticism from members of […]

Latino groups in Utah to Boycott Businesses over Immigration Package

  Republican governor Gary Herbert has yet to sign an immigration package that passed the Utah legislature recently but Latino groups are already planning a 15-day boycott of businesses around the state over the deal. “We are not going to buy anything for 15 days,” Jose Gutierrez, president of the Utah Hispanic Latino Coalition, said […]

Utah Group Circulates Confidential Information on List of 1,300 Claimed to Be Undocumented

Media outlets and law enforcement in the state of Utah have received a list of 1,300 names of residents which an anonymous group claims are undocumented immigrants.  The list which is almost exclusively comprised of Hispanic names contains very detailed information including social security numbers, addresses, names of children and due dates for expectant mothers. […]