Sunday, June 23, 2024

Hispanicization of America

The presence of Hispanics in the U.S. is partly defined by an intertwined history of America and Mexico and their shared border and the undocumented workers that come by the thousands chasing the American dream every year. This puts Hispanics from the past and the present in a unique position compared to other groups such […]

Utah Governor to Hold Roundtable on Immigration Reform

The immigration issue is heating up in Utah.  Just a day after reports that an anonymous group circulated the names of over a thousand Utah residents it claimed are in the country illegally, Gov. Gary Herbert announced a statewide roundtable next week on immigration reform. As reported in La Plaza, the list contains very detailed […]

Utah Group Circulates Confidential Information on List of 1,300 Claimed to Be Undocumented

Media outlets and law enforcement in the state of Utah have received a list of 1,300 names of residents which an anonymous group claims are undocumented immigrants.  The list which is almost exclusively comprised of Hispanic names contains very detailed information including social security numbers, addresses, names of children and due dates for expectant mothers. […]