Sunday, July 21, 2024

Advocacy Groups in Arizona Call for Boycott of Budweiser Distributor Owned by Sen. McCain’s Wife

A coalition of pro-immigrant advocacy groups in Arizona will call for all Latinos in the state to boycott Sand Land Anheuser-Busch distributor Hensley & Co. this morning.  The company is owned by Sen. John McCain’s wife, Cindy Hensley McCain.

In a press conference, Somos America, will announce the boycott citing the company’s support of political figures who back SB 1070.

“The Economic Sanctions Committee of Somos América is asking every Latino in Arizona to boycott Budweiser,” a press release stated.  “The boycott is a response to Hensley & Co.’s, Budweiser’s distributor, financial contributions to political supporters of the anti-migrant law SB 1070 who continue promoting a climate of fear, hate and criminalization towards the Latino and immigrant community.”

The coalition of over 40 Arizona-based organizations says its boycott committee was spurred into action soon after Gov. Jan Brewer signed SB 1070 into law.  It said the committee has indentified companies who have “particularly egregious records of contributing to the climate of fear and hate in Arizona.”

The intent of the business boycott is not to punish companies by asking our supporters to not purchase their products. It is to get Arizona business to realize that their support of these individuals for even ‘strictly business’ purposes is creating conditions of hate, fear, and violence against Latinos and immigrants in Arizona,” Alfredo Gutierrez, former Arizona Senator said.

The boycott announcement comes on the eve of Arizona’s primary elections where McCain has faced one of his toughest challenges yet.  Already, he has spent $15 million to defend his place as the Republican nominee against former Congressman and Tea Party favorite, JD Hayworth.  The debate over immigration has pulled McCain to the far right abandoning his previous pro-immigration reform stance.

On the Democrat side, the lone Latino Democrat running for US Senate, Randy Parraz, has seen a surge in his campaign in the final weeks of the campaign with support from a widening base of support and, a NPR  political analysis calling Parraz the “most exciting candidate to go up against John McCain”.

Phoenix New Times


  1. As a community we will be held accountable for what we did or didn’t do to step up against those who would judge us based on the color of our skin and country of origin…we must stand up for ourselves now and for the sake of future generations.

    • I agree with your point, start boycotting so those republican big business can feel it where they hide their hearts, in their wallets. Trust and believe they will feel it and not like it one bit…