Sunday, July 21, 2024

GOP Displays Signs of Disunity From Coast to Coast

Leaders within the Republican Party in California and Florida are dealing with internal strife.

The GOP in California opted not to support Arizona’s SB 1070 despite a push by conservative activists in the state to do so during its semiannual convention this weekend.   Meanwhile, in Florida, the Republican Party called off a pair of “unity” rallies scheduled to take place in the state today.

A proposed resolution during the conference in California would have stated the party’s support for SB 1070 and the now infamous Proposition 187, but leaders skipped the measure to the disproval of some of the delegates in attendance.

“Don’t ask us to walk precincts but to shut up when we’re at our convention,” Karen England, a delegate at the convention, said

Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman has stated opposition to both SB 1070 and Proposition 187.  Conservative activists accuse Whitman of blocking support for the measure.  Whitman planned to leave the conference before a vote was to take place.

Supporters of the measure did not go down quietly.  Shouting and arguing ensued outside a committee meeting Saturday between delegates after the measure died.

The disunity displayed among the GOP in California over the weekend preceded the cancellation of a pair of “unity” rallies that were to take place today in Florida following a bitter and divisive primary season there between Republican candidates Bill McCollum and Rick Scott in the gubernatorial race.

McCollum is the Florida Attorney General who introduced AZ-Like legislation earlier this month.  Despite taking a harsh stance on the immigration issue to attract voters, he still lost in yesterday’s primary election to his opponent Scott.

A spokesperson for the Florida GOP cited logistical reasons for the cancellations.


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