Thursday, February 9, 2023

Low Preschool Attendance Rate Hurting Latinos

Only slightly more than one-third of Latino children in the state of Illinois attend preschool, putting them behind in preparedness compared to their white and black counterparts, according to a new study. By the time they enter kindergarten, the average Illinois Latino child enters kindergarten five months behind whites and about three or four months […]

Law Banning Ethnic-Studies in Arizona Goes into Effect

New Year’s Day marked the beginning of yet another battle that puts the state of Arizona at the center of controversy against the Latino community. January 1 is the date that House Bill 2281 went into effect making ethnic studies illegal in the state.  According to the new law, classes in kindergarten through 12th grade […]

Guest Blogger Series: Alan Acosta “Fighting HIV/AIDS in the Latino Community”

Each December, we stop for a day to raise awareness about the AIDS pandemic, to commemorate those who have died and advocate for increased access to prevention and treatment services for those who are living with the disease. And while December has become a time to reflect on the battle against HIV, we all know […]

Happy Holidays from Latinovations

The Latinovations Team would like to thank you for all of your support this year and wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We will be back on January 3, 2011.

Republican Presidential Hopefuls to Skip Hispanic Forum

A gathering of the big names in national conservative politics early next year was to provide a forum for 2012 hopefuls to address the largest minority group in the country–Hispanics.  However, fresh off of leading the way for the defeat of immigration reform in Congress, most Republicans are declining the opportunity. The Hispanic Leadership Network […]

Marine Pleads to Immigration Officials to Halt Father’s Deportation

A military service member expecting to be deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 is asking immigration authorities not to deport his father. Lance Cpl. Aspar Andres, 21, a marine based in Hawaii, returned to his native Kentucky on leave to spend time with his family only to find out his father had been detained by U.S. […]

Census Data Reveals Southwestern States with Large Hispanic Populations Saw the Most Growth

The first set of data from the 2010 Census released yesterday showed that states in the Southwest, home to the majority of Hispanics in the country, experienced some of the highest population growth and gained congressional seats. The total population in the US as of April 1, 2010, is 308,745,538.  The rate of growth in […]

Obama Meets with Hispanic Lawmakers to Discuss Outlook on Immigration

Congressional Hispanic Caucus members met with President Obama yesterday to discuss the prospects of immigration legislation in the future, which the parties present agreed are slim to nil in the next couple of years. “The reality is, we’re no longer on the House side in charge of the agenda,” said Rep. Charlie Gonzalez (D- Texas), […]

Guest Blogger Series: Arturo Vargas “New Census Numbers Portend Significant Latino Role”

This Op-Ed orginally appeared in The Huffington Post. For the Latino community in particular, Tuesday December 21 is a very big day, and it has nothing really to do with the holidays but rather with numbers and more numbers. The U.S. Census Bureau today releases its official 2010 population figures for the nation, and congressional […]

Large Disparities in Noncriminal Deportations under US Program to Deport Criminal Undocumented Immigrants in Some Parts of Country

Up to a quarter of undocumented immigrants deported under Secure Communities, a federal program that is meant to identify criminals who are in the country illegally, had a clean criminal record and in some areas more than half of deportees had never been convicted of a crime, according to government statistics. In Maryland’s Prince George’s […]