Friday, July 12, 2024

Latino Children Suffer Higher Rates of Asthma-Related Hospitalizations Triggered by Pollution

          According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator, Gina McCarthy, carbon pollution and other toxic chemicals have contributed to the growing asthma crisis in the country that now affects 1 in 10 Latino children and 3.6 million Latinos. The chemicals from carbon pollution continue to disproportionately affect Latino children who […]

Guest Bloggers: Rachel Wilf & Jorge Madrid “New EPA Rules Help Communities of Color Breathe Easier – New Standards Will Reduce Health and Economic Costs”

On this Earth Day all Americans can celebrate the Environmental Protection Agency’s commitment to ensure everyone can breathe clean air. But this commitment particularly benefits communities of color. Currently, African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians are especially vulnerable to air pollution’s health effects. Within the last year, however, EPA instituted new mercury and air toxics standards […]

Poverty, Stress, and Miscommunication Contribute to High Levels of Asthma in Latinos

A new report  found that miscommunication ranks at the top of contributing factors for high rates of asthma among the Latino community. The report “Luchando por el Aire: The Burden of Asthma on Hispanics,” was released by the American Lung Association in October and it explores the causes contributing to the high asthma burden that […]

CDC Report on Racial Disparities Bleak for Hispanics

A report by the Center for Disease Control released earlier this month revealed that disparities in the Hispanic population are more severe than for other groups experiencing the same health conditions. The report looked into health disparities by sex, race, income and education.  Many outstanding differences were found from group to group, and for Hispanics […]