Monday, June 5, 2023

Hilda Solis Becomes First Hispanic Woman to Serve in Obama's Cabinet

Today, following a vote in the Senate of 80-17, Hilda Solis was confirmed as Secretary of Labor. Solis, the first Latina to serve in Obama’s Cabinet, will lead the Department of Labor and is one of the strongest supporters of America’s workers and labor movement. Hispanic and Labor groups are applauding the Senate’s approval. “The […]

Richardson's Withdrawl Disappoints Latinos

Following Bill Richardson’s announcement of his withdrawal as nominee for commerce secretary in Obama’s administration, Latinos have been left feeling disappointed because many viewed the New Mexico governor as their biggest leader and representative in Washington. Although Hilda Solis and Ken Salazar have already been named to fill Cabinet positions, Richardson’s absence will surely be […]

Richardson Withdraws Name from Consideration

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has withdrawn his name from consideration for appointment to be Secretary of Commerce in the Obama Administration. Citing an ongoing grand jury investigation in his home state, the Governor said that while he “acted properly”, he recognized that the investigation would delay his confirmation process. Richardson’s departure also means the […]