Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Guest Blogger: Hilda Solis “Climate Change Must Be A Priority In 2014”

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of family trips to the San Gabriel Mountains for hiking, picnicking and breathing fresh, clean air — a welcome escape from the smell of the Puente Hills Landfill, near our home. Those trips offered temporary respite, as well, for my father, who contracted lead poisoning after working in […]

Guest Blogger: Hilda Solis “Nuestra mamá tierra”

Por Hilda Solís Sabemos que la contaminación global del carbono está causando que el clima cambie y este año alcanzó el mayor nivel de concentración en la historia humana Para mí y mi familia, no solo esta es una época de reflexión y celebración, también es una oportunidad para agradecer por todas nuestras bendiciones.  Aunque suele […]

President Obama Nominates Thomas E. Perez as Next Secretary of Labor

President Obama has nominated Thomas E. Perez as the next Secretary of Labor and if confirmed, would be the first and only Latino on the President’s second-term Cabinet team. Perez, a first-generation Dominican-American, was the lead of the Civil Rights Division in the Justice Department since 2009 and would replace former Secretary of Labor Hilda […]

Guest Blogger: Alfredo Estrada “Here We Go Again”

We’ve seen this movie before. Many of us at LATINO Magazine worked at HISPANIC, launched in 1988 during the so-called “Decade of the Hispanic.” It certainly wasn’t, and no one would make the same claim of the naughty ’90s and double-barreled ’00s. But here we go again… Latinos (not Hispanics!) were the decisive factor in […]

Hilda Solis Resigns as Secretary of Labor

The 25th Labor Secretary of the United States, Hilda Solis, announced her resignation on Wednesday in a letter to her Labor Department colleagues, stating that she reflected on all of her accomplishments over the holidays and has decided that it is time to begin a new future. Hilda Solis was appointed Secretary of Labor in […]

Vice President Holds Reception to Recognize Latino Leaders for Hispanic Heritage Month

Vice President Joe Biden and his wife held a reception Wednesday night at the U.S. Naval Observatory to recognize Latino leaders for their contributions and commitment to the country in celebration for Hispanic Heritage Month. Biden recognized Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, White House Domestic Policy Director Cecilia Munoz, Colorado Lt Gov. Joseph Garcia, Nevada Attorney […]

Obama Appoints Latina to Top Political Post in Re-election Campaign

President Barack Obama’s re-election team has selected Katherine Archuleta to be his national political director, marking the first time a Latina holds such a position in a major presidential campaign. Archuleta will be leaving her current role as chief of staff to U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis to conduct outreach to elected officials and groups […]

US Labor Secretary Tells America’s Under-Paid and Under- Protected “We Can Help!”

On Thursday, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis unveiled the U.S. Department of Labor’s “We Can Help” campaign at Chicago’s famed Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, on the Chicago campus of the University of Illinois. Solis announced the launching of the new marketing campaign that will let workers know that they can contact the federal government if […]

GUEST BLOGGER SERIES: Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis Represents United States in Rome

Since taking her position in the Obama Administration, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis has served as an instrumental force in helping millions of unemployed during this economic crisis. Her critical role in helping the labor market recuperate and consequentially the economy underscores the importance for all women and Hispanics in leadership roles. Most recently , […]

Hilda Solis: A Star in the Making

As Featured in MSNBC by Carlos Watson, MSNBC anchor: History rarely remembers Cabinet members. The worst performers tend to get a little more shine, but even their names fade out over time. Ask political observers who will be written about decades from now (for better or worse), and they’re likely to say Hillary Clinton or […]