Thursday, December 7, 2023

Guest Blogger: Cecilia Muñoz “Hispanic-American Families Just Can’t Afford Tax Increases”

As the debate over the so-called “fiscal cliff” in Washington continues, much of the conversation centers on deficit reduction, revenues, and tax rates. But what is easily lost in that conversation is the very real meaning this has for families all across America. The fact is Hispanic-American families just can’t afford tax increases right now, but that’s what will happen if Congress fails to act. In fact the median Hispanic family of four would see their income taxes rise by $2,200. An astounding 99 percent of Hispanic families will be affected.

President Obama is committed to growing our economy from the middle out by ensuring a strong, secure, and thriving middle-class, and is proposing a balanced approach. There is no reason to hold middle-class families hostage while we debate tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. Below you’ll find a link to a fact sheet that shows how Hispanic families will be affected. We’re also asking all of you to tell us what $2,000 means to your family’s budget. Take a look at our #My2K page, and tell us on twitter what that money means to you.

And download the fact sheet on the Fiscal Cliff and Hispanic-American families here.

Cecilia Muñoz is the Director of the Domestic Policy Council, which coordinates the domestic policy-making process in the White House.

This article originally appeared on WhiteHouse.Gov