Sunday, May 19, 2024

Obama Prepares for Mexico

In light of his scheduled trip to Mexico, President Barack Obama met with leaders of Latino groups on Monday. Obama met with leaders from the National Council of La Raza, theNational Hispanic Council on Aging, the League of United Latin American Citizens, and the NDN in addition to several other groups. In the meeting, the […]

“Understanding The Immigration Reform Debate” Google Hangout Today

New Latino Movement and Latino Giant have joined together to coordinate the Latino Educational Google Hangout, titled “Understanding The Immigration Reform Debate,” today Wednesday, April 17th at 8:00pm EST. The Latino Educational Google Hangout series, the next installment of the of New Latino Voices video conferences that initiated in 2012, aims to provide Latinos with a […]

Despite Low Funding, Arizona Forges Ahead with New Fence on Mexico Border

Arizona’s border security advisory committee has plans to begin construction on a fence bordering the state and Mexico, despite only raising 10% of the $2.8 million needed to complete the project. Construction may begin at the end of the year with support from private fencing companies, donated supplies, and prison inmate labor. Supporters such as […]

Guest Blogger Series: Kristian Ramos “The Positive Steps Made In Making Our Southern Border Safer”

Why The Current Debate About Security Ignores The Positive Steps Made In Making Our Southern Border Safer In the current debate over immigration there is near unanimous agreement that our system is broken.  With Congress currently split by party, one of the shrillest arguments before the American people is over securing our southern border before […]

Border Security Bill Could Be Taken Up During Emergency Session

  Called into an emergency session for one day by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, today the House may move on the border security bill passed by the Senate last week. As reported by La Plaza, last week the Senate unanimously passed a $600 million bill that would increase the number of agents along […]

Senate Approves $600 Million for Border Security

Yesterday, the Senate approved a measure that will bolster border security with 1,500 new enforcement agents and increase the number of deployed unmanned aerial drones. The bill sponsored by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Clair McCaskill (D-MO) passed by voice vote just before the senate is to take a month-long recess. Democrats secured the […]