Thursday, June 20, 2024

Number of Immigration Arrests Plummet

The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that the number of people caught illegally crossing the border, into the United States from Mexico, has significantly plunged in last month. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly reported that fewer than 12,500 people have been arrested trying to enter the U.S. in March, a decrease of about 70 percent […]

Guest Blogger: Professor Ediberto Román and Bobby Joe Bracy “Words Do Matter in the Immigration Debate”

After decades of inaction, this week’s unveiling of the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” immigration proposal suggests that Congress may finally be prepared to reform our immigration system. It is of no surprise that this renewed vigor comes on the heels of a presidential election where an overwhelming majority of Hispanic voters rejected the Republican solution […]

Influential Latinos Brainstorm Innovative Ways to Tap Into Latino Political Power

With the presidential campaign behind, actress Eva Longoria, San Antonio businessman Henry Muñoz III, and attorney Andres W. Lopez are discussing innovative ways to build a political organization with the capability to help shape the future of Latinos in the United States. These three influential Latinos were the driving force behind the Futuro Fund which […]

Immigration Activists Still Oppose the Term “Illegal Immigrant”

In response to the Associated Press and The New York Times’ continued use of the term “illegal immigrant,” many activists are debating the use of the term and question its accuracy to describe the people. Immigration activists oppose using the word “illegal immigrant” when describing those who are undocumented because it is “dehumanizing’ and “justifies […]

Despite Low Funding, Arizona Forges Ahead with New Fence on Mexico Border

Arizona’s border security advisory committee has plans to begin construction on a fence bordering the state and Mexico, despite only raising 10% of the $2.8 million needed to complete the project. Construction may begin at the end of the year with support from private fencing companies, donated supplies, and prison inmate labor. Supporters such as […]

Survey of US Hispanics Measures Outlooks and Hopes

  The economic downturn has taken a toll on the hopes and expectations of Hispanics in the US with more of them worrying about losing jobs and paying bills than other Hispanics.  Those were the findings of a recent Associated Press-Univision poll.  Forty-five percent of those who answered the survey have experienced job loss or […]