Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Post-DACA Decision DC Latino Immigrants Fear Deportation

The central talking point at the Fiesta DC celebration on Sunday was immigration reform. The Latino festival comes on the heels of President Trump’s decision to repeal protections for undocumented immigrants who arrived in America as young children. “Today is the day we can all come out of the shadows,” Gunther Sanabria said. “We can […]

Latino Influentials in DC Honor Two of Their Own This Week

By Victor Landa, NewsTaco On any given day, an army of young Americans is hard at work in the halls of power of Washington DC – advocating policy, negotiating legislation, pushing the country forward. They go mostly unnoticed by the public at large, but our government would be hard pressed to function without them. Through […]

Influential Latinos Brainstorm Innovative Ways to Tap Into Latino Political Power

With the presidential campaign behind, actress Eva Longoria, San Antonio businessman Henry Muñoz III, and attorney Andres W. Lopez are discussing innovative ways to build a political organization with the capability to help shape the future of Latinos in the United States. These three influential Latinos were the driving force behind the Futuro Fund which […]

New Statistics among Latinos: Highest and Lowest Income, Poverty Rates

A recent report from the Pew Hispanic Center released that Latinos earn the largest median household income in the Washington, D.C. metro area (as high as $62,000) and earn the least in the Texas Brownsville-Harlingen-San Benito metro area (as low as $28,600). Not surprisingly, the Brownsville, Texas metro region has the highest rate of poverty […]

Latinos Stand Against AIDS Stigma and Deadly Statistics

Latino leaders and advocates are gathering this week in Washington, D.C. for the 19th International AIDS Conference to discuss prevention, treatment, and empowerment. “Latinos are the fastest growing and youngest population in the United States – we’re the ones who need to lead the effort and work towards an AIDS-free generation,” explains Francisco Ruiz, the […]

Guest Blogger Series: Texas State Rep. Aaron Peña “Hispanic Conservatism: Its Emergence in Texas Politics”

At La Plaza we believe robust and spirited dialogue is most conducive towards the betterment of the Latino community.  As such we invited Texas State Rep. Aaron Peña to share his thoughts on why he switched parties last December after being re-elected as a Democrat to his 5th term.  After his re-election he switched to […]

Guest Blogger Series: Hector E. Sanchez “One Nation March: Important for Latinos”

Tomorrow, October 2, thousands of people will gather at the Lincoln Memorial to participate in a march to call for One Nation Working Together— marching for good jobs, for justice, for immigration reform and for education for all.  Progressives from around the nation will come together with labor, human and civil rights organizations, youth and […]