Thursday, May 23, 2024

Guest Bloggers: Febe Zepeda and Baldomero Garza “How ‘lawsuit lending’ is putting families at risk”

An insidious problem has been creeping into the shady world of predatory lending – the practice of lawsuit lending.   It goes something like this: a seemingly helpful representative of a lawsuit lender approaches plaintiffs who are involved in a personal injury or other type of lawsuit.  In many cases, these plaintiffs find themselves in tough […]

Texas Immigration Law Makes Room for House-Mexicans

The worst part about Texas House Bill 1202 is that the authors don’t see how it’s insulting and hypocritical, on the other hand the bill paints a realistic picture of what some folks not only don’t get, they don’t see it at all. So in a house-Mexican and field-Mexican kind of way, it makes perfect […]

Guest Blogger Series: Texas State Rep. Aaron Peña “Hispanic Conservatism: Its Emergence in Texas Politics”

At La Plaza we believe robust and spirited dialogue is most conducive towards the betterment of the Latino community.  As such we invited Texas State Rep. Aaron Peña to share his thoughts on why he switched parties last December after being re-elected as a Democrat to his 5th term.  After his re-election he switched to […]

Hispanic Population Growth in Texas a Challenge for Republican Controlled Legislature in Reapportionment

Texas saw the greatest increase in population of any state in the nation in the last decade and estimates that up to 85 percent of the 4.5 million new residents in the state are Hispanic. This put Texas at the top in the number of congressional seats gained, but presents a challenge for the Republican […]