Sunday, May 19, 2024

Comentarios from Maria: Donald Trump Glorifies Operation “Wetback”

In his latest disregard of the Latino community during the fourth Republican debate last Tuesday night, Donald Trump insisted on the need for a deportation plan and used as an example the controversial expulsions of undocumented immigrants that occurred during the presidency of Dwight Eisenhower (1953 -1961). That effort, officially called Operation Wetback, was an […]

Comentarios from Maria: “Cuts will Turn Off Voters GOP is Courting”

Earlier this month, the House majority leader, Eric Cantor, rolled out to much fanfare a new “branding effort” for the Republican Party, focused on broadening its appeal and helping the middle class. It seemed hopeful at the time. Sadly, today it is laughable. We are days away from severe forced spending cuts that will do […]

Guest Blogger Series: Kristian Ramos “The Positive Steps Made In Making Our Southern Border Safer”

Why The Current Debate About Security Ignores The Positive Steps Made In Making Our Southern Border Safer In the current debate over immigration there is near unanimous agreement that our system is broken.  With Congress currently split by party, one of the shrillest arguments before the American people is over securing our southern border before […]

Guest Blogger Series: Rep. Charles A. Gonzalez “Actions can prove Will to find Immigration Solution”

Sen. John Cornyn‘s call to go beyond words and create a “credible and compassionate” solution to fix our broken immigration system provides supporters of comprehensive immigration reform efforts in Congress with a rare, bipartisan opportunity: We should take him up on it. Unfortunately, although his recent overtures and sensible tone on this subject are very welcome, […]

Arizona Governor Calls Immigrants ‘drug mules’

Even the top Republicans in her own state disagree with Gov. Jan Brewer’s comments that most undocumented workers are ‘drug mules.’ Speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Senator John McCain says he does not believe that most workers crossing the border in Arizona are smuggling drugs.  He’s not the only official disputing the comments. The […]