Sunday, June 16, 2024

Mitt Romney Offers Negative Remarks on Blacks, Latinos, and Young Voters

In the aftermath of presidential campaigns, it’s rare that you give much thought to the legacy or character of the losing candidate. Usually losing candidates disappear into the shadows of political footnotes. Sometimes, the world even comes to appreciate those candidates in the way we never anticipated. Al Gore, for instance, withdrew from a race […]

Middle-Age and Young Texas Latinos Vote Less than Other Ethnic Groups

Based on numbers from the 2008 election, 2.3 million non-voters in Texas who were registered to vote never made it to the ballot box. According to the new study, of these non-voters, 34% are Latino, and those between ages 35-44 were staying away at a much higher rate. Young Latinos, between 18-44 years old, also […]