Friday, May 24, 2024

Comentarios from Maria: Democrats Come to the Aid of Latino Community

Last week, in what can only be classified as a big victory for our community, congressional Democrats were able to kill a bill that would have cut federal funds to cities that refuse to comply with federal immigration laws, even the most draconian among them. Known as “sanctuary cities,” these cities, with the purpose of […]

Comentarios from Maria: Democrats will tell voters why America IS great in their first debate

Tonight, American voters will get to see all the Democratic candidates on stage together for the first time at the first of six official Democratic debates. Will the encounter garner more than 24 million viewers as have the past two Republican debates?  Hard to say, as it doesn’t promise a train-wreck and circus-like atmosphere. But I do […]

Jeb’s Economy

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush released his economic policy plan, calling for sweeping tax cuts, job creation in the private sector, and promising an aggressively ambitious 4% economic growth. Bush framed his announcement with an attack on his biggest rival across the aisle, Hillary Clinton, who he felt has accepted a “new normal” of flat […]

Hillary Vows to Push Trump for Immigration Specifics, Remains ‘Open’ to More Debates

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has pledged to take on her GOP-leading counterpart Donald Trump for his incomplete, cursory immigration proposal that includes deporting all 11 million undocumented immigrants and building a wall on Mexico’s dime that will span the entire southern border. On the campaign trail over Labor Day Weekend, Mrs. Clinton said she […]

Martin O’Malley Campaign taps Jose Aristimuño as Director of Hispanic Media

The Martin O’Malley campaign announced yesterday that it has hired Jose Aristimuño, a Spanish-language commentator, political strategist and former associate at the Dewey Square Group’s Latinovations, as its director for Hispanic media. Aristimuño got his start in the O’Malley campaign as a volunteer, but his work-ethic, grit, and obvious talent caught the eye of staff […]

When it comes to Jeb Bush, looks can be deceiving

Last Monday, Jeb Bush, ex-Governor of Florida and son and brother of two past President Bush’s, confirmed that he is seeking the Republican nomination for president in 2016. Jeb Bush and a few in the Republican establishment understand that the Latino vote is paramount for victory in 2016, and his announcement was a clear reflection […]

Hillary Clinton fills another senior campaign post with Latina

Xochitl Hinojosa has officially begun work as the Clinton campaign’s director of coalitions press, a major communications role, further bolstering the Latino presence within the camp. Hinojosa, 30, previously served as press secretary for the Department of Labor undersecretary Tom Perez, and will now be responsible for primarily overseeing Hispanic, black and women’s media for […]

Comentarios from Maria: Hillary Clinton, a leader to defend and unite our country

The wait is over. Hillary Clinton has officially entered the race for the presidency of the United States because she recognizes that Americans need a champion who is ready to fight for the progress and future of our country. The video that launched the campaign of the ex-Secretary of State shows us that she truly […]

Hillary Clinton officially taps Amanda Renteria as campaign’s National Political Director

Since March, Amanda Renteria, an experienced political aide and the first Latina chief-of-staff on Capitol Hill, has been floating through the rumor mill as the likely choice to fill a revered top spot in Hillary Clinton’s campaign and, on Wednesday, those rumors materialized. Already, Renteria, the campaign’s newly official National Political Director, has made her […]