Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Trump Administration Says Miami is No Longer a ‘Sanctuary City’

On Friday, the Department of Justice informed Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez that the city is now in full compliance with federal immigration requirements and eligible to receive grants based on said compliance. In February, Miami-Dade became the first, and only major city, to reverse its sanctuary policy. According to a letter from Acting Assistant […]

Trump Administration Softens Up On Its Threat Against ‘Sanctuary Cities’

In the war against the ‘sanctuary’ cities and counties that have refused to comply with the Trump administration’s aggressive immigration enforcement tactics, the administration has settled on a very narrow interpretation of what it means to be a “sanctuary city.” In limiting the potential consequences for state and local governments, ‘sanctuary’ jurisdictions will now lose […]

LA School Board Votes to Ban Immigration Officers from Campus

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles school board voted unanimously to protect families from immigration raids by prohibiting immigration officers from entering a campus without superintendent authorization. Under this protection, the superintendent will also have to consult with local lawyers before giving immigration officers clearance. “L.A. Unified is basically saying fear stops at [our] door,” said […]

Measure Banning Funding for Sanctuary Cities is Blocked by Senate Votes

A measure that pursued to disallow federal funds from sanctuary cities – jurisdictions designed to not prosecute people solely for being an illegal alien and resist turning over undocumented immigrants to federal authorities – has been blocked by a 53-44 vote in the Senate on Wednesday. The measure, which stemmed from last year’s deadly San […]

Comentarios from Maria: Democrats Come to the Aid of Latino Community

Last week, in what can only be classified as a big victory for our community, congressional Democrats were able to kill a bill that would have cut federal funds to cities that refuse to comply with federal immigration laws, even the most draconian among them. Known as “sanctuary cities,” these cities, with the purpose of […]

Obama Advisers Urge Veto of Anti-Sanctuary City Bill

The advisers of President Obama have recommended that he veto the Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act (S. 2146), which would at once punish cities and jurisdictions not in compliance with federal laws as they relate to a detained undocumented immigrant, and would enact a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in jail for […]

Comentarios from Maria: Republican Opportunism Knows No Bounds

Once again, Republicans are capitalizing on a tragedy – this time, one that took place three weeks ago in San Francisco – in which an undocumented immigrant with a criminal record killed Kathryn Steinle, an American citizen. Grotesquely, Congressional Republicans chose to politicize this tragedy to advance their anti-immigrant agenda that distorts the image of […]