Saturday, May 25, 2024

ICE Denies Possible Nationwide Immigration Raids

Federal officials are denying possible plans to conduct a series of immigration raids later this month, citing “adjustments” to their plans due to the hurricanes impacting Texas and Florida. NBC News first reported the possibility of a series of immigration raids slated to start on Sept. 17. “There is currently no coordinated nationwide operation planned […]

Report Finds Anti-Terror Tool Being Used to Find Undocumented Immigrants

On Thursday, The Detroit News reported that federal investigators are using a device designed for counterterrorism to find the location of undocumented immigrants. The device, known as Hailstorm or Stingray, simulates a cell tower and fools nearby phones into providing location data, and can also interrupt cellular service in the targeted area. “ICE officers and […]

Report Finds 150% Spike in Arrests of Undocumented Immigrants Without Criminal Records

In a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued report released Wednesday, the Trump administration’s push to remove all undocumented immigrants has resulted in a 40 percent increase in immigration arrests, particularly among those with no criminal record. Since the presidential executive order, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers have arrested more than 41,000 immigrants […]

GOP Debate Recap: Immigration Takes Center Stage

If there was something universally agreed upon during last night’s Republican primary debate on Fox News, it was this: our country is in bad shape, Hillary Clinton is a rogue puppet of liberal special interests, and Donald Trump actually believes everything Donald Trump is saying. The primetime contest showcased the top 10 polling Republican presidential […]

Comentarios from Maria: Republican Opportunism Knows No Bounds

Once again, Republicans are capitalizing on a tragedy – this time, one that took place three weeks ago in San Francisco – in which an undocumented immigrant with a criminal record killed Kathryn Steinle, an American citizen. Grotesquely, Congressional Republicans chose to politicize this tragedy to advance their anti-immigrant agenda that distorts the image of […]

Immigrant deportations down to lowest numbers in a decade

New data has indicated that the Obama Administration is on pace to deport the fewest number of undocumented immigrants in a decade, tracing back to the middle of President George W. Bush’s second term. This comes as President Obama continues to fight the legal battle over the constitutionality of his executive actions, extending protection from […]

Jeb Bush wants to ‘politely ask’ undocumented immigrants to leave U.S.

The 2016 presidential race is far from decided, but sound bites from presidential hopefuls have begun to trickle down the pipeline, stirring the pot and adding yet more speculation in an already-complicated field. Most recently, Jeb Bush, former Florida governor, brother of President George W. Bush and a widely considered frontrunner for the Republican presidential […]

Guest Bloggers: Marshall Fitz and Patrick Oakford “Yes, Delay on Passing Immigration Reform Does Cost Us $37 Million Per Day”

Over 17 months ago, the Senate passed S. 744, a comprehensive bipartisan immigration reform bill. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office conducted an analysis on the economic and fiscal impacts this bill would have on the United States if it were enacted. The CBO found that S.744 would lead to a 3.3 percent increase in GDP […]

Democratic Lawmakers Are Not Backing Down from Urging the President to Act on Immigration

On Wednesday, House Democrats signaled that they would not back down from urging the president to act on immigration as quickly as possible. There is little indication that Republicans in the House of Representatives will put forward a comprehensive immigration bill this year, thus adding to sense of urgency among Democratic lawmakers who have asked […]

Guest Blogger: Patrick Oakford “Out of the shadows and out of poverty: Reducing poverty through immigration reform”

The Census Bureau recently released new data on poverty in the United States. While the coverage that followed provided an overview of the new numbers, and in the case of TalkPoverty examined policy choices that would dramatically reduce poverty, there is one important issue that received little attention: the potential for immigration reform to create […]