Sunday, June 16, 2024

Hispanic Caucus: We’re With Her

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is preparing to announce their endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president Friday morning. Members of the group’s political arm began polling members yesterday to determine if there was enough support before going through with the endorsement. This is an effort by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to help Secretary Clinton secure the […]

Democratic Lawmakers Are Not Backing Down from Urging the President to Act on Immigration

On Wednesday, House Democrats signaled that they would not back down from urging the president to act on immigration as quickly as possible. There is little indication that Republicans in the House of Representatives will put forward a comprehensive immigration bill this year, thus adding to sense of urgency among Democratic lawmakers who have asked […]

Mid-Term Election Results and the Latino Vote

Tuesday night’s results definitely told a tale that involved the Hispanic vote.  On Tuesday, we laid out what were going to be the likely elections most influenced by Latino voters across the country.  Countless predictions came true about a Republican wave sweeping Congress while Democrats managed to hold on to control of Senate.  Nevada “Did […]