Monday, April 15, 2024

Hillary Clinton pushes for easing voting restrictions, to impact Latino community

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton told a crowd of supporters at Texas Southern University yesterday that she would call for automatic voter registration for young people when they turn 18, unless they opt out, and proposed a national standard of no fewer than 20 days of early voting in all 50 states. More, Mrs. Clinton declared […]

Supreme Court Hears Case for Voting Rights Act Challenge

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments last week involving the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Section 5 of the Act is being challenged by Shelby County, Alabama, saying that the provision was necessary in 1695 when there was voter suppression to African Americans, but that discrimination is “non-existent today.” Supporters of the protection of the Voting […]

Texas Redistricting Discriminates Against Latinos, Federal Judges Rule

Texas statewide redistricting plans were overturned Tuesday by federal district court judges in Washington D.C., providing credence to the charge that the plans discriminates against Latino voters. The state was seeking preclearance under section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. This section requires lawmakers to get approval from the federal government before enacting laws based on the state’s […]

IL and TX Hispanic population demand more political influence

Illinois Republicans and Texas Democrats are preparing to file lawsuits under the Voting Rights Act that will increase their respective states’ Hispanic-majority districts. It is evident that Latinos are disproportionately represented in Congress with only 24 House members (17 Democrats and 7 Republicans), but with over 50.5 million counted in the 2010 Census, the Hispanic […]

Latino Group says Redistricting Plan in Illinois violates Election Laws

A new map of legislative boundaries in Illinois drawn up by legislators violates the rights of Latino voters, according to a Latino legal rights group. The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, a non-profit that works to protect the legal rights of Latinos, says the plan denies Latino voters from Chicago’s South Side their […]

Redistricting Without Census Data May Jeopardize Voting Rights in Kansas City

The City Council in Kansas City, Missouri may be jeopardizing the voting rights of minorities in order to reach a deadline of drawing up new district boundaries before the March 2011 election. The council is required, as mandated by the city charter, to find a way to redraw its boundaries by this date.  However, census […]