Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Comentarios from Maria: Hillary Clinton will fight for the Right to Vote for all

Last week I spoke of the fundamental importance of having fair and competitive elections in our democracy, and in a recent speech in Texas, ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, one of the Democratic presidential candidates, spoke of another privilege of a free democracy: the right to vote. This right is the very essence of our […]

Hillary Clinton pushes for easing voting restrictions, to impact Latino community

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton told a crowd of supporters at Texas Southern University yesterday that she would call for automatic voter registration for young people when they turn 18, unless they opt out, and proposed a national standard of no fewer than 20 days of early voting in all 50 states. More, Mrs. Clinton declared […]

Comentarios from Maria: Yes, There is Good News to Report

It felt as though this summer was filled with nothing but bad news. The situation in the Middle East has deteriorated, the Ebola virus outbreak threatens to turn into a new pandemic, but despite all of this, we should take a moment to remember all of the strides that have been made in favor of […]

Guest Blogger Series: Arturo Vargas “Latinos and Voting Rights: The Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.”

“Give us the ballot”. Those were the words uttered by Martin Luther King Jr. in his first address on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on May 17, 1957. Years later, King’s legacy lives on, both through the lives of those he touched and the many changes he helped to institute in our nation’s history.  […]

Guest Blogger Series: Rebecca Lynn Guerra “Rekindling the Fire”

The commemoration of Dr. King’s birthday forces us to reflect on the civil rights movement, its past, and our future.  The movement conjures up images and stories of activists putting themselves in harm’s way in order to obtain the most basic rights in our society.  We recall Dr. King, Dorothy Height, and activists marching for […]

Guest Blogger Series: Gus K. West “Guarding Latino Voting Rights – Rally for Fair Texas Re-Districting”

Across the country states have been addressing their re-districting needs in recent months, redrawing voting maps that will fairly reflect new Census statistics from the 2010 Census. The latest figures showed that the population in Texas grew by 4 million people, giving the state 4 new congressional seats. The plan drafted by the three-judge panel […]

New Haven Mayor Seeks Voting Rights for Undocumented Immigrants

The mayor of New Haven, Conn., John DeStefano has pledged to pursue legal state action that would allow undocumented immigrants to vote in municipal elections. The 10-term Democratic mayor, who along with New Haven has an immigrant-friendly reputation, believes that this proposal has the capacity to create a more engaged community. “If you live here, […]