Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Alabama’s controversial immigration law has made its way to the UN

A coalition of union and civil rights groups have filed a complaint with the United Nations International Labor Organization alleging that Alabama’s harsh anti-immigrant law violates international norms. “By signing this bill into law, Brewer has just authorized violating the rights of millions of people living and working here,” said Alessandra Soler Meetze, Executive Director […]

Two Additional Parts of Alabama’s Anti-Immigration Law Blocked by Federal Court

A federal appeals court has temporarily blocked two additional portions of Alabama’s controversial anti-immigration law. As previously reported on La Plaza, the state of Alabama is facing a legal challenge by the Obama administration over its anti-immigrant law, considered to be the harshest immigration law in the country, requiring law enforcement officials to question the […]

Latino Organizations Join Forces and March for Immigrant Justice

A delegation of Latino leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders stood in front of the AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday and boarded a bus headed to Selma, Alabama to participate in the reenactment of the historic civil rights marches of 1965. Civil rights leaders will march alongside Latino leaders until Friday, when they will  arrive […]

Romney “proud” over Endorsement from Author of Harsh Immigration Laws

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney touted the endorsement today by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, author of several anti-immigrant laws across the country including Arizona’s SB 1070, on his website. The announcement comes on the same day Romney released a Spanish-language ad in south Florida courting Latino voters. “I’m so proud to earn Kris’s […]

10 House Democrats Head to Alabama Monday for Immigration Hearing

A Statement From The Office of Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and nine other House Democrats are traveling to Alabama on Monday for an ad hoc hearing on immigration and Alabama’s HB56 immigration law.  A group of five of those traveling held a press conference today in Washington to discuss the trip. […]

Alabama’s Tough Immigration Law, 36 Days Later

Thirty-six days after the implementation of Alabama’s HB 56, immigrants have fled jobs in record numbers, Latino children are still absent from school and crops of Alabama’s $5.5 billion-agricultural industry are rotting in the fields. Thousands of immigrants have left their jobs, which has left many small businesses understaffed and construction projects unfinished, including rebuilding […]

Tough Alabama Immigration Law Goes into Effect Today

Alabama enacted its tough immigration law today, considered the “meanest” in the country, just one day after a federal judge ruled in favor of allowing key provisions of the law to take effect. On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn ruled that the Alabama law did not conflict with federal immigration law, even though she […]