Tuesday, July 23, 2024

MD Lt Gov Reaches Out To Latinos, Hears Immigration Policy Concerns

At the Hispanic Business Conference in Bethesda, MD, Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford sought to make inroads with the state’s Latino community even as some in attendance signaled unease over the state administration’s recent decision to cooperate with federal immigration authorities and notify federal agencies when undocumented immigrants are set to be released from detention facilities […]

Maryland Votes on DREAM Act

Depending on the outcome of tomorrow’s elections, Maryland could be the first state to pass a proposal similar to the DREAM Act by popular vote that would allow undocumented immigrant students to pay in-state college tuition instead of out-of-state tuition. “We have a constitutional obligation to provide a public education for every child in our […]

East Coast Continues Feeling the Ripple Effects of Hurricane Sandy

As of Thursday morning, Hurricane Sandy has caused 75 deaths in the United States, while cutting off power to more than 7 million people and businesses, many of whom have no timeline for when it will be restored. Even though all regions that come into contact with the storm will be affected in a negative way, some […]

Maryland Senate passes DREAM Act

The Senate in Maryland passed a bill on Monday night that will allow undocumented students to pay in-state tuition, raising their chances of earning a college education in the state. The 27-20 vote was primarily split along party lines, with Democrats voting in support and Republicans voting against it. Elated cheers of “Si se Puede, […]

Maryland pushes for Its Own Dream Act

The state Senate in Maryland is set to vote on a version of the Dream Act today that would give undocumented students the opportunity to attend a four-year university in the state and qualify for in-state tuition if they graduate from a Maryland high school. The bill, SB 167, sponsored by Sen. Victor Ramirez, the […]